Grade 3

Term 1


During Term 1 we learned how to use a growth mindset to improve our attitude to learning. Our use of a growth mindset enabled us to develop positive relationships within our learning community. These improved attitudes helped us to settle into a new learning environment and to confidently embrace the challenges of the middle years of primary school. We grew to become more responsible and independent class members and as a reward for our efforts we ended our term cooking cupcakes for our families in celebration of the Easter season.


Term 2

Term 2 has been our busiest term so far. We kicked it off by beginning our new literacy structure, which requires us to move between the three learning spaces and work with a range of teachers and peers. In week 5 we completed NAPLAN for the first time ever! With the help of our growth mindsets, we were able to complete it with confidence. During Inquiry we have been enjoying learning about what makes Australia ‘one’ and our role in creating Australia’s identity.