Grade 5



Measurement Immersion Morning


Grade 5 students worked through an assortment of measurement activities. These hands on experiences allowed the students to use and explore measurement equipment to assist them in solving problems using appropriate measurement units.

Pattern Blocks: Symmetrical Patterns


The students used pattern blocks to design symmetrical patterns. They enjoyed this hands on activity working collaboratively in pairs or  groups.





MCG and Parliament Excursion

Grade 5 children and teachers were very privileged last Tuesday 19th July. We had an opportunity most people in Melbourne do not get. We visited inside Parliament House and were guided into the Red and Green House and into the Parliamentary Library most public do not have access to.
At the MCG we created our own lasting memories by having a personalised tour of the whole venue. We had so much fun in the interactive sports museum and stared in awe at all the historical sports memorabilia in the sports museum, especially in the Olympic section.
Our most exciting part was having a personal interview time with ex- Olympian
Susan Chapman. She competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics and won the first medal in this event ever for Australia- a bronze medal in women’s rowing.
What a wonderful day!