Grade 6

In Grade 6 we are busily preparing the children for Confirmation which is early in Term 3 on the 23rd July 2016. The children are enthusiastically investigating and gathering information on Saints- past and present. We have been discussing the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit and indentifying Spirit filled individuals. Students, at the moment are involved in doing an assignment on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  


Each child has written a letter to Fr. Tuan & Fr. Peter explaining what Confirmation means to them and why they want to be confrimed. The results have been extremely impressive. 


Dates to remember for Confimation:


June 7- Family Night 

June 18- Presentation of Confirmation Candidates

July 23- Confirmation




Grade 6 Class of 2016!

In year 6 we have received our year 6 polo shirts. We are wearing them around the school with pride!