During term 1 in prep we learn about ourselves and what makes us special.  We learn to pray, work and play together.  The prep children are welcomed into the Holy Eucharist Parish family as we attend mass for the first time as part of the school community.  The children learn about their bodies, their senses and how they can use these to learn about their world. The prep children have special grade 6 buddies who welcome them, look after them and get together to work and play


In term 2, preps learn about their feelings and emotions.  We explore how our emotions help to keep us safe in different situations.  We learn about stranger danger and what actions we need to take to stay safe.  The children learn about healthy habits, such as eating well, exercising and the importance of sleep.  


During term 3, the children explore the community in which they live and all the people in our community.  The preps participate in the Fire Ed Program that helps develop their understanding of fire safety.  The fire fighters come to our school and work with the children.  Children get to explore the fire truck and use the fire hose.  At the end of term 3, children come to school early to share breakfast with their class friends.


In term 4, preps learn about animals in our world.  We focus on farm animals and the products they give us.  We visit the Collingwood Children’s Farm where the children get to pat, chase and feed the animals. We celebrate advent and Christmas with lots of tree decorating, bauble making and fun. The children perform in a wonderful end of year Christmas concert that the whole school is involved in.