School Community


At Holy Eucharist School, we believe that strong family partnership makes a great difference in a child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our childrens’ success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities. We know our role is important and we take this seriously, always seeking to improve our teaching and learning environments. In the past couple of years we have worked more closely with our families, sharing the learning and providing opportunities for families to develop stronger understandings of the learning at school. International research has told us, that when families and schools work closely, and know one another, children’s learning improves. We have aimed to develop stronger links between staff and families, exploring new ways to communicate with our families and work together. We aim to help each child grow holistically and learn, ready for the ever changing world.



•Create and sustain family-school- community partnerships so that learning connects strongly with families and communities beyond the classroom.


Intended Outcomes

• Parents will be more actively involved in their school community.

• Provision of learning times for parents based in the school.

• Opportunities to become involved in their children’s learning.



•Community hub created and leader employed to forge stronger links with the community.

•Computer and English classes running weekly.

• Informal knitting classes held by the parents in the Community Room.

•Various invitational family events held including: Family Fun Night, Celebration of Harmony Week, Book Week Celebration and Christmas Concert.

• South Sudanese aide was appointed.

• Pre-school classes were held twice a week.

• Mother’s Day Mass, Mother’s Day morning tea and celebration.

• Celebration of Mass each week with wider parish community.

• Father’s day barbecue breakfast.

• Fortnightly school assemblies.

• Community conversations held regularly.

• Family fun day to celebrate the end of academic year.

• Redevelopment of the school yard to be inclusive of families for example vegetable patch, animals.

• Finance information sessions externally for parents

• Provision for activities for families to be engaged in their children’s learning.

• Family workshops reinforcing families’ roles in children’s learning (Prep teachers/Literacy Leader)

• Kinda Kinder playgroup operated weekly.

• Preschool families link in with Victorian University - Kinda Kinder.

• Learning walks occurred both formally and informally.

• Targeted numeracy/literacy workshops with families.

• Parent - Child Mother Goose program was introduced for pre-school children with English as an Additional Language (EAL).