Leadership & Management


• To build teacher capacity

• To build leadership capacity

Intended Outcomes

• That a strong performance and development culture is evident.

• That staff have opportunities to develop contemporary teaching practices that reflect high expectations for students.

• That staff have opportunities to develop leadership skills.


• The Leadership team continually refer to and implement the recommendations made during the “Change2” project; focusing on the schools use of data and collaborative planning processes.

• All school leaders attended Leadership Clusters relevant to their sphere areas.

• Teachers participated in various Professional Learning activities both on and off site relevant to their own personal learning needs and aligned with the schools Annual Action Plan.

• Teachers visited other schools with groups of teachers and leaders to view different teaching and leadership practices.

• Other schools have visited our school to view specific teaching strategies and to view how we use our data to direct our teaching.

• Professional Learning Teams continued to create opportunities for sharing of expert teaching and good practice.

• Expert teachers were given time to share examples of good practice at the beginning of each staff meeting.

• Leadership Team Meetings were held once a month with the focus being on shared vision and overall running of the school.

• A Staff Handbook was created and implemented containing all procedures and policy information.

• All staff are required to take part in an Annual Review Meeting (ARM) with the principal. The main purpose of the ARM is to: affirm achievements and suggest avenues for Professional Learning to help improve student learning outcomes.