Grade Two

In Grade 2, students learn in a range of areas of the curriculum, including English, Maths, Religious Education, Inquiry, LOTE, Physical Education, and Visual Arts.  In English, we continue to build reading skills including phonic knowledge and comprehension strategies, building and extending sentences, writing a variety of texts with increasing sophistication.  Students make oral presentations to the class and school about their learning. In Mathematics, students continue to participate in the LFIN program (Learning Framework in Number). Students increase their competencies in the domains of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, as well as Statistics and Probability.   

As part of the transition of students into Middle School, students participate in a full day camp program which includes breakfast and dinner.  Throughout the year, students also take part in excursions and incursions relevant to classroom learning.

Grade 2, Term 1 Outline - 2023 Grade 2, Term 2 Outline - 2023 Grade 2, Term 3 Outline - 2023 Grade 2, Term 4 Outline - 2023