Grade Prep

During the year, Prep children are exposed to a variety of activities that aim to build independence, self confidence and emotional wellbeing. It is an important year where children begin to develop relationships with peers and adults.  In the classroom, children will learn to work cooperatively in groups, practising their social skills such as turn taking, listening to others and contributing to group discussions. Children will learn various skills to help them read, write and develop their sense of number, as well as their sense of their community and the wider world. The children are given the opportunity to  develop their understanding of the Catholic faith, participate in prayer, meditation and attend mass with the parish community.

Some of the activities that the children are involved in throughout the year include various incursions, excursions and school based activities such as, assemblies, book week, prep breakfast, and mission market. During this first year the children will be introduced to lots of new and wonderful things that will be the foundation for their future learning.

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