Grade Six

Grade 6 is the final year of primary education where the students consolidate their learning and become leaders of the school. It is a year of growth, new challenges, responsibilities and opportunities, one of which includes becoming a school leader.

In grade 6 the children have the opportunity to go to Camp Doxa, which is an outdoor activity camp in Malmsbury, where we participate in team building activities, building positive relationships, resilience and teamwork through exploring the local area. This is the year when the children celebrate the final Sacrament of Initiation, being Confirmation; the children participate in Summer and Winter Interschool sports and learn about puberty and personal development. During the second semester, the children prepare for high school through the transition programs offered by the surrounding secondary colleges.

Grade 6, Term 1 Outline - 2023 Grade 6, Term 2 Outline - 2023 Grade 6, Term 3 Outline - 2023 Grade 6, Term 4 Outline - 2023