Wellbeing is integral to learning excellence and ultimately to overall health and life success….A positive sense of wellbeing supports a base for rich learning that enables young people to flourish. (Horizons of Hope, Foundation Statement: Wellbeing in a Catholic School, Catholic Education Melbourne 2017)

At Holy Eucharist School we acknowledge and celebrate individual differences and are inclusive of all students. At our school we aim to provide a creative climate where all students can develop intellectually, emotionally, artistically and socially to their fullest potential. This experience provides a joy of learning, academic growth, arts exploration and acquisition of skills that exemplify responsible citizenship.

We believe that students who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships with their peers, school, family and community are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

We strive to create an optimal learning environment where every student feels safe and supported and where all students learn to be responsible for their actions.

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