Grade Five

Grade 5 is the first official year of the senior school, which brings with it new and exciting opportunities to take ownership of our learning and develop leadership skills.

In Grade 5, students are invited to attend a 3 day camp at Camp Gundiwindi, which is an outdoor activity camp that encourages  team building and appreciation of nature. We go nice and early in the year to set the scene for a year of learning underpinned by the shared Grade 5 values of respect, inclusiveness and fun.

Grade 5 students have the chance to participate in Summer and Winter Interschool Sports, representing Holy Eucharist as we compete against other schools. It is a NAPLAN year and we look forward to this challenge as an opportunity to see growth for all of our students.

Grade 5, Term 1 Outline - 2023 Grade 5, Term 2 Outline - 2023 Grade 5, Term 3 Outline - 2023 Grade 5, Term 4 Outline - 2023