Grade One

In Religious Education grade one students are introduced to the stories and main characters in the Bible from the Old Testament who are part of the Catholic tradition. In the New Testament the grade ones investigate the stories of Jesus and the positive impact His message has on us today. Numeracy is taught through the Learning Framework in Number programme where students participate in focused small group activities which help to accelerate student’s numeracy understanding. Other areas of the Maths curriculum are taught through engaging whole group and small group activities. Literacy learning with a specific focus on reading, writing and oral language is taught through a daily two hour literacy block. Extra support is provided to students through the Reading Recovery programme and Learning Support Officers.

Social and Emotional Learning is taught through the Highway Heroes programme. Children participate in activities discussing their feelings and emotions to help them deal with the ups and downs of life. Inquiry topics cover areas such as science, history, geography and health. Throughout the year students participate in many excursions and incursions related to what they are learning in class. Prior to Christmas they have a trip to the city to see the different symbols of Christmas that can be found. As part of the school’s camping programme, the grade one students attend the annual Grade One Dinner.

Grade 1, Term 1 Outline - 2023 Grade 1, Term 2 Outline - 2023 Grade 1, Term 4 Outline - 2023